Founded on Pilates, driven by performance

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Founded on Pilates, driven by performance

Feel the burn. Earn the sweat. Love your body for taking you there.

We challenge you to meet us on the mat for total body toning & conditioning.

Burn, sweat and sculpt in our progressive pilates classes, fused with HIIT & low impact techniques.

- 5 x NEW workouts per week
- 2 x NEW stretch classes per week
- Only $9.99 per week (that’s cheaper than two coffees!)
- Freedom & flexibility of online classes

What your membership includes

It’s pretty overwhelming scrolling through hundreds of workouts online – we get it and we’re here to get rid of the guessing game. We’ve made it simple, and all you need to do is meet us on the mat- anytime and anywhere. 
Every Sunday we refresh your workout regime with 5 NEW workouts and 2 NEW stretch classes. 

Your weekly membership includes:
2x Align Classes (30 - 40min)
2x Condition (HIIT) Classes (30 - 40min)
1x Burn Class (10 - 20min)
2x Stretch Classes (10 - 20min)
Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to a library of:
Favourite Classes
Stretch Classes
Pre/Post Natal Classes
Form Classes

Classes are designed for all levels (beginner to advanced) and we encourage the use of our FirePack (inclusive of sliders, ball, theraband & booty band) for that extra burn!

What to expect

Align classes combine Pilates and Barre techniques to strengthen, lengthen and tone.
In this 30 - 40 minute class we’ll focus on correct alignment, improved posture and breath to movement connection; whilst building heat in the stabilising muscles through low impact movements and minimal bouncing. Align will leave you feeling strong and energised, with a deeper mind-body connection.

Align Classes
Condition classes banner

Fusing Pilates with cardio. Our 30 minute Condition classes combine Pilates with high intensity cardio and weight training techniques to take both your strength and fitness to the next level. We have two Condition class styles – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training), both of which focus on building lean muscle mass. Say hello to a clearer mind and a release of endorphins! 


Burn baby, burn. Our short and sweet Pilates inspired workouts are transformative for your body and kind to your clock. It only takes 10-20 minutes to feel the burn and see results. These higher intensity sessions focus on a specific area of the body in each class, using targeted movements to produce performance driven results.

Stretch classes banner image

At the end of each workout we encourage you to stretch it out. Regular stretching is key to enhancing your physical performance and will ultimately increase your mobility and flexibility.
Head over to the stretch library and choose between 5 – 20 minute videos designed to lower your heart rate, calm your central nervous system and aid recovery.

Pre & Post Natal
Post-natal classes banner image

Inclusivity and access for all is important to us at ember, so we've created a library of short pre and post natal safe workouts and sequences, ranging from 10 – 30 minutes. You can sub these sequences into your workout when we move into mat work that is unsuitable for you, your baby or recovery. Please read our FAQs to understand what pre/post natal sequences are safe for you and your baby bod!

Form classes banner image

Whilst we can’t see you, we'll be working out with you every time. Sweating with you, sculpting with you and burning with you. Our form library is designed to support you with form and technique through short videos and sequences that explain key Pilates exercises. This allows us to coach you every step of the way.


I haven’t been in lockdown but as it is getting colder & darker in the UK I love being able to do a quick 20-40 min workout at home after work! I am definitely noticing I am becoming a lot stronger especially in holding high planks and more muscle definition in my legs, arms and abs.
Looking forward to the December challenge!

Sarah, Nurse

Ash ran a fantastic virtual lunch time Pilates session with our consulting team at Deloitte! It was fun and challenging, suitable to all levels and we learnt the purpose and benefit of everything we did! A perfect lockdown activity to refresh and re-energise our team. Thanks so much!

Sarah, Senior Consultant Deloitte Australia

As an elite footballer I love the benefits I get from ember. Not only does it help with my recovery, but it allows me to re-energise and train for the next game with minimal physical impact. The girls have a really good understanding of anatomy and physiology and how Pilates can support my specific needs.

Jake, elite AFL player

Loving the flexibility of online classes. Being pregnant, I felt like a nuisance in face to face classes by always having to ask for exercises to be amended. On ember they have a whole prenatal section  which has made maintaining exercise throughout my pregnancy so much more achievable.

Louise, 5 months pregnant

Ash ran an awesome class for my colleagues and I at BCG. She takes so much care in her instruction and ensured that in addition to getting a great afternoon workout, we did it with correct form. We would definitely recommend ember for a feel good workout in your workplace that engages and gives back to your employees.

Georgia, HR Lead at Boston Consulting Group

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Founded on Pilates, driven by performance

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