Align Classes

Strengthen, lengthen and tone.

Our Align classes combine Pilates and Barre techniques to focus on correct alignment, improved posture and breath to movement connection.

Align classes incorporate low impact body-weight exercises and minimal bouncing to build heat in your more dominant, and smaller, stabilising muscles. Through pulsing and high-repetition of movements, you’ll build strength, coordination and balance that tones your body like nothing else. We promise you’ll leave every class feeling strong and energised, with a deeper mind-body connection. Classes are between 30 and 40 minutes long, are suitable for all fitness levels, and will work your entire body to leave you feeling leaner, fitter and stronger.

Every class offers modifications and substitutions to make sure you feel comfortable and safe. If you’re navigating your pregnancy or post-baby journey, make sure to incorporate our pre & post natal classes into your routine too. Your ember library updates with 2x new Align classes every week, but you will also retain access to our favourite classes from the past.

Our workouts are designed to be completed from the comfort of your own home or outdoor area, so we make sure our exercises require minimal equipment. Grab a chair to pulse into your glutes or hamstrings, and grab your cans of soup or wine bottles to work your core or upper body! We encourage you to purchase oprovide extra resistance that helps build strong, lean muscle. Our ember FirePack includes sliders, a Pilates ball, booty band, theraband, and storage bag, and is free with our yearly subscription option! It also wouldn’t be an ember workout if music wasn’t blasting in the background for mini dance breaks! Check out our Spotify playlists here.

Benefits of Align Classes

It’s hard not to love the basics. Align classes incorporate fundamental movements from Pilates and Barre into one, so you’ll experience the benefits of both.
Let’s take a closer look: 

- Improve spinal alignment and posture 
- Deeper mind-body connection 
- Strengthens your ‘powerhouse’ muscles - glutes, core and back 
- Lengthen, strengthens and tones your smaller stabilising muscles
- Improves muscular endurance 
- Stronger, more defined core
- Increased flexibility and range of motion 
- Lowered stress levels 
- Improved balance
- Helps you maintain a healthy body weight  
- Build core and pelvic strength during or after pregnancy

Some Exercises We Love To Use in Align Classes

We love to use fundamental Pilates and Barre movements in Align classes to create that deep burn. Some movements we frequently use in our workouts include glute bridges, planks, mountain climbers, clams, shoulder stabilisation work, and four-point kneeling sequences. Scroll to learn more:

Core strength

The foundation of Pilates and Barre. Build a strong and defined core by drawing your belly button through to your spine in specific core exercises and full-body movements. Get ready to experience the benefits on and off the mat. 

Lower body strength

Feel the burn! The abundance of lower body exercises ensure your workouts are always engaging and varied to ensure constant challenge and body improvement. Simply use your body weight or up the ante with resistance bands and weights - the choice is yours. 

Upper body strength

Shoulders, back, biceps and triceps - the options are endless! Use light weights and high-repetitions to build heat in your muscles and strength that shows on and off the mat.

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is recommended for our Align classes to help you feel the ultimate burn. Our ember FirePack has everything you need: 

- 1x Pair of sliders
- 1x Pilates ball
- 1x Theraband (1.5m)
- 1x Booty band
- 1x Bag

Of course, Pilates can always be adapted! If you’re getting back into exercise after pregnancy or are beginning your fitness journey, be gentle with yourself and use your body weight. Our classes are inclusive and we will always provide equipment-free alternatives to exercises where possible. We are here to help you, so please reach out if you have any questions at all.

Invest In Yourself, You Deserve It.

Experience the benefits of Pilates both on and off the mat. Not only do our Align classes leave you feeling physically strong and lean, they help you feel mentally strong. They’re the perfect addition to our library of Condition, Stretch, Burn, Form and Pre & Post Natal classes. Workout on your own time, for you, with our beautiful ember community. 

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you on the mat.
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Ash & Morgs x

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