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As much as I’d love to persuade you all that I’d be the perfect nutritionist, admittedly, I had caramel slice for breakfast and I’m now chowing down a burger as I write this post.  Being healthy is not about being perfect, in fact being perfect probably isn’t healthy either.

When it comes to eating, I learnt that finding balance is not about labelling foods as good or bad but rather ‘everyday foods’ and ‘sometimes foods’. Applying the 80/20 rule to eating has helped me develop the healthiest relationship with food I’ve ever had. I use to ALWAYS feel guilty when fulfilling my cravings, especially because I’ve got the sweetest tooth. But I’ve now found that when I can nourish my body with healthy foods 80% of the time, I can indulge in whatever I want the remaining 20% and absolutely love myself for it, not feel the guilt I once did.

When you have balance, there is no such thing as ‘bad’ food.

Missy x

We adore the girls from the Imperfect Nutritionist. Their philosophy is in alignment with ember, their cafe decor (and food!!) is to die for and their community support from postpartum care to meal delivery service is incredible.

For more information, to book a consult with one of their nutritionists and to connect with the beautiful team, please reach out to the below:

Imperfect Nutritionist

​website: https://www.imperfectnutritionist.com/


IG: @imperfectnutritionist


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