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The good life collective is a platform co-founded by Ana Ravier and Zoe Brain to share their knowledge and passion about human health, nutrition, and connect like minded people.

Ana has a BSc(hons) in Pharmacology & Biology, a second BSc in Nutrition & Physiology, and is currently completing her Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics at USYD. She is especially interested in the fields of epigenetics and fertility. She grew up in France and England, and now lives in Freshwater with her partner & puppy. She loves to run, surf and moves her body daily with pilates & barre.

Zoe is nothing short of amazing, completing her Bachelor of nutrition science and her Masters in Nutrition & dietetics while balancing working as a chef and an intern. She grew up by the ocean, loves to dance and cook (sometimes at the same time!). Together, they make a perfect duo, mixing science communication & delicious recipes.

For more information and to connect with the beautiful Good Life Collective girls you can find them below:

Ana Ravier and Zoe Brain

Ana Ravier| Human Biologist with a special interest in epigenetics and pregnancy nutrition

Zoe Brain| Nutritionist and chef with a focus on nutritional biochemistry and glycemic index research.

website: https://www.thegoodlifeco.com.au/

consultations: 0419 493 528 — zoe@thegoodlifeco.com.au
all other enquiries: 0414 135 353 — ana@thegoodlifeco.com.au

IG: @thegoodlifeco  

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