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Shea Morrison

Sleep expert, Shea Morrison left a hectic career in radio advertising in Brisbane in 2014 to focus on her passion, developing The Goodnight Co., a company founded with the mission of creating better days, through better sleep with natural, science-based sleep solutions.

The Goodnight Co. and the genuine consumer love for the product ranges continues to inspire Shea – particularly her daughters’ love of sleeping with her favourite Charcoal Silk Sleep Masks! A woman who has always needed a lot of sleep, Shea is often known to retire at 8:30pm, ready for a 5am start.

“Sleep and wellness is where I want to be, because I know we can make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

PERSONAL: One on ones /Coaching / Mentoring

​Website: https://www.sheamorrison.com/

Email: shea@sheamorrison.com

IG: @sheamorrison  

The Goodnight Co.

Collaborations /Lunar Workshops / Retreats / Corporate Bookings

Website: https://www.thegoodnightco.com.au/

Email: info@thegoodnightco.com 

IG @thegoodnightco

Podcast: The Goodnight Show: https://www.thegoodnightco.com.au/blogs/podcasts

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