Burn Classes

Burn baby, burn.

Our short and sweet Burn Pilates classes are for those days when you are chasing the clock or looking to add a little extra heat to your workout routine. These classes are high-intensity and designed to use targeted movements focusing on specific areas of your body for that ultimate burn. We aim to achieve performance-driven results whilst only taking 10-20 minutes of your time.

Burn classes are perfect for when you’re short on time or want an extra burner at the end of another ember workout. Your ember library updates with 1x new Burn class every week, but you will also retain access to our favourite Burn classes from the past. We encourage you to pick and choose what fits in best with your workout schedule for that week! Whether you feel like targeting your upper body, core or glutes, we have a burn class for you. 

While every class has a unique structure, we guarantee your heart rate will get high and your body will get warm. They’re the perfect compliment for building muscle mass, improving cardio and weight-based training, as they help develop targeted muscle strength while building endurance. Focusing on low weights and high reps is kinder on your joints and allows you to focus on correct form, which aids injury recovery and women navigating pre and post-natal strength-building. Feel the burn, see the results.  

We utilise every-day at home equipment to ensure your ember workouts are as accessible as possible. Grab a chair to burn your glutes and hamstrings, or raid the pantry for cans of soup to target your upper body! We encourage you to purchase our FirePack to provide extra resistance that helps build strong, lean muscle.

Our ember Firepack includes sliders, a Pilates ball, booty band, theraband, and storage bag, and is free with our yearly subscription option! 

We also love blasting music in the background to get us in the mood! Check our Spotify playlists out here. 

Benefits of Short & Sweet Burn Classes

What’s not to love about Burn classes? They’re kind on your clock, complement a wide variety of training, and take your strength and endurance to the next level. Let’s take a closer look:

- Increases muscle hypertrophy (growth of muscle cells)
- Helps improve correct movement form
- Gentle injury rehabilitation
- Increases muscle endurance
- Builds defined and lean muscle without bulk
- Gentle on joints
- Supports weight loss and burns calories
- Increased energy
- Complements cardio and low-rep, high-weight training
- Gives any ember class a little extra burn!

Burn classes are the perfect addition to your existing fitness routine. Prepare to push your boundaries and become your strongest, leanest self.

Some Exercises We Love

Add some extra heat to your weekly workout routine with our burn classes. We push your fitness limits by switching up fundamental exercises and incorporating dynamic, high-intensity movements that transform your body (not to mention a dance break every now and then!). We focus on the upper-body, core, glutes and legs. 

Upper Body Burners

Shoulders, biceps, triceps and back. Sculpt and tone your upper body whilst focusing on developing strength in your stabilizing muscles with 1-3kg weights (or cans of soup!) in only 10-20 minutes. 

Core Burners

A strong core helps improve posture, prevent back pain and complement dynamic training. Your core is more than just a sculpted 6 pack, learn to engage and activate the different layers of your core through our targeted burn classes. We use a variety of body weight based exercises such as planks and crunch variations to support your overall spinal health and alignment. 

Booty Burners

Grab your booty band and tone your peach with ember! As well as sculpting a beautiful figure, strong glute muscles are important for lower back and knee strength, and complementing cardio and weight training such as running, weight lifting and team sports.

Leg Burners

Boost your lower body endurance with a variety of quad, hamstring and calf movements. Use your body weight or incorporate resistance to build toned, lean leg muscle that sets the foundation for overall athletic performance.

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is recommended for our Burn classes to help you feel the ultimate burn. Our ember FirePack has everything you need: 

- 1x Pair of sliders
- 1x Pilates ball
- 1x Theraband (1.5m)
- 1x Booty band
- 1x Bag

Of course, Pilates can always be adapted! If you’re getting back into exercise after pregnancy or are beginning your fitness journey, be gentle with yourself and use your body weight. Our classes are inclusive and we will always provide equipment-free alternatives to exercises where possible.

Invest In Yourself, You Deserve It.

Experience the benefits of pilates both on and off the mat. Not only do our Burn classes leave you feeling physically strong and lean, they help you feel mentally strong! They’re the perfect addition to our library of Condition, Stretch, Align, Form and Pre & Post Natal classes. Workout on your own time, for you, with our beautiful ember community. 
So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you on the mat.
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