Condition Classes

Sweat with us!

Our Condition classes are here to make you sweat and burn (in a good way, we promise!). Grab your sweat kit, ember FirePack and turn up our ember Spotify playlist, and to prepare to take your fitness to the next level.

We combine the fundamentals of Pilates and barre with interval style cardio training to lengthen and tone your muscles while building cardio-vascular endurance. Each class has a different structure, so every time you step on the mat you’ll be challenged in a new way. We always want you to listen to your body, so we offer a new LIIT (low intensity interval training) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) class each week depending on what you’re feeling - do one or the other, or do both! You’re in control of your results. 

Let’s take a closer look at our two types of condition classes: 

LIIT Classes
The mindful sweat.
Our low-intensity interval classes keep your heart rate high with low impact movements. The circuit format blends fundamental barre and Pilates exercises together beautifully to target specific muscle groups and heat your body up from the inside out. We refrain from lots of jumping and utilise pulses, full body movements and resistance to be softer on your joints. These classes have more generous rests so you can catch your breath and perform to the best of your ability. Throughout each class we also offer exercise variations to pick up the pace, such as add more jumping and advanced style techniques.
LIIT classes are perfect for your lower-energy days but ensure you still feel that burn, work up a sweat and are building lean muscle.

HIIT Classes 
The heart pounding sweat.
Our high-intensity interval classes are designed for your more energetic days and are bound to get those endorphins pumping. Although they’re structured similarly to our LIIT classes, we incorporate more plyometric movements to push you beyond your fitness limits with a focus on total body burn & cardiovascular endurance. Get ready to get your heart pounding and body sweating! 

We recommend blasting our Spotify playlists in the background to get you in the mood! Check them out here.

Benefits of Conditioning Pilates

It’s impossible not to love the experience and the feeling of endorphins after your Condition workout. Our classes are purposefully designed to take your strength and fitness to the next level. By building lean muscle, you’ll feel long, lean, strong and fit.

- Releases endorphins to help manage stress and anxiety
- Improves fitness levels
- Increases endurance
- Supports overall athletic performance (weight lifting, running, dancing, football) 
- Improves posture 
- Improves core strength (less back pain -yay!) 
- Improves body-brain connection awareness 
- Improves coordination and balance 
- Safe rehabilitation from pregnancy or injury 
- Improves balance of muscle and strength 
- Strengthens easy-to-forget (and very important) muscles 
- Relaxes the nervous system through increased blood and oxygen circulation

Our journeys on the mat have been nothing less than beneficial. Whether you come from an elite sporting background like Ash, love adventure like Morgs, or are simply ready to introduce high intensity cardio movement into your routine, our conditioning Pilates classes will transform you into your strongest physical and mental self. 

Some Exercises We Love To Use in Condition Classes

We love to keep our conditioning classes dynamic and interesting to keep your body guessing. Every movement is built on or adapted from a fundamental Pilates movement, and may look a little something like this:

Mountain climbers

The ultimate burner. These challenge your coordination and are miracle makers for your core and shoulder muscles.

Lunge Variations

Focus on coordination while targeting your glutes, quads, calves, core and more.

Squat Variations

Feel the burn! Squat variations keep it interesting while working your glutes, calves, core and quads. Use your body weight or up the ante with resistance bands and weights - the choice is yours.

Push Up Variations

Whether you’re more comfortable on your toes or your knees, push ups will improve your overall body strength. Draw your belly button through to your spine and keep your elbows in tight to perform the perfect triceps pushup.

Plank Variations

Planking is fun when we mix it up! Whether we’re rocking, twisting or tapping, planks are guaranteed to increase your core and shoulder strength, and improve your overall posture.

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is recommended for our Condition classes to help you feel the ultimate burn. Our ember FirePack has everything you need: 

- 1x Pair of sliders
- 1x Pilates ball
- 1x Theraband (1.5m)
- 1x Booty band
- 1x Bag

Of course, Pilates can always be adapted! If you’re getting back into exercise after pregnancy or are beginning your fitness journey, be gentle with yourself and use your body weight. Our classes are inclusive and we will always provide equipment-free alternatives to exercises where possible.

Invest In Yourself, You Deserve It.

Experience the benefits of pilates both on and off the mat. Not only do our Condition classes leave you feeling physically strong and lean, they help you feel mentally strong! They’re the perfect addition to our library of Align, Stretch, Burn, Form and Pre & Post Natal classes. Workout on your own time, for you, with our beautiful ember community. 
So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you on the mat.
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Ash & Morgs x

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