Weekly classes

5 new weekly classes
2x Align, 2x Condition, 1x Burn
Uploaded at 5.30am AEST Monday and removed 7 days later.
These videos will rotate weekly. Don't fall behind. Hold yourself accountable.
We're so proud of you.




We want to hold you accountable, however we appreciate that life can get in the way.
Here you will have access to a small library of popular Align, Condition and Burn classes, in case you want to sweat through your favourite workouts with us again.
These videos will rotate monthly.

pre & post natal

Inclusivity and access for all is important to us at ember, so we've created a library of short pre and post natal safe workouts and sequences, ranging from 15 – 30 minutes. You can sub these sequences into your workout when we move into mat work that is unsuitable for you, your baby or recovery. Please read our FAQ to understand what is safe for you and your baby bod!

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