A Lockdown Love Note: Motivation & Seeking Connection


Here we are, in another week of lockdown (week 4, 5? we’ve lost count) and we have been fighting our own, but similar battles. Here’s a couple of love notes from us, they may help, they may not. But know we’re always here for you.



This time around motivation has been at an all-time low for me. I’m not sure if it’s the constant anxiety of the 11am increase in numbers, or the fact I’d had a few things to look forward to (holidays, birthday parties, seeing my bestie after a long year) or if I simply can’t be bothered! Something about the unknown is playing with my mind, so if you’re feeling that way, know you’re not alone.

To keep moving, motivated (and sane) here are the tip’s I’m trying to put into practise:

1. Set your alarm. Get up and keep your morning routine.

2. Remember your ‘why’. Find your reason for moving pre lockdown and refocus on it. You can still do everything you did at the gym outdoors. Your own body weight can often be the hardest resistance (did someone say 10-minute plank or 30 minutes of "no equipment" pilates.

3. Set goals. Designed around the Olympics, my girlfriends and I have set a team goal to run/swim/walk 7042 kms (the distance to Tokyo) in 2 weeks. A great way to keep ourselves moving and accountable (whilst having a laugh!)

4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A bit of vitamin d and oxygen can do wonders for your mental state.  

5. Find a buddy. It’s so important to continue human connection. It will keep you accountable, push you and make moving more enjoyable. Go find your socially-distant, 10km radius mate!

6. Plan. Lay your workout gear out the night before. Write your workout down or find someone online to follow. Keep it super simple.

7. Do something every day. even if it’s a short walk, or a 20 minute ember burn. It will help clear your mind and release those good feeling hormones like serotonin

Change it up! 

8. Treat yourself and be kind! I don’t know how anyone is doing lockdown without wine (and if you are, you’re doing a lot better than me!) reward yourself, eat that piece of chocolate. Lockdown is tough enough.

Ash xx 



Living alone during covid can be a daunting and strange experience. However, it doesn’t have to be if we reset our mindset and take it day by day. 

How do I seek daily connection?

1. Friends and Family

Most of my loved ones live outside of my 10km zone. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t connect with them and feel the love, every day I try to reach out in a small way. Whether that is a simple text, a call, I will send them a song that reminds me of them, a picture of what exercise or activity I am doing or something that I’ve seen that will get a laugh. It is important to keep constant communication, it doesn’t need to take long or have any purpose – just a quick simple check in goes a long way.

2. Mother Nature

Don’t underestimate how much connection with nature can fulfil your soul. Get outside, go for a walk, do some gardening, watch the sunrise/sunset (maybe with a takeaway coffee in hand), do pilates online or stretching in the park. Sometimes I just go to the dog park and play with other people’s cute puppies (trust me it works!) This winter weather has been perfect to be getting our daily dose of vitamin D!

3. Creative Connection

With more time at home than ever before, tap into your creative instincts and use this a time to ‘care for your soul’.

Here are some of my favourite things I have kept busy with, remember, variety is key!

1. I bought a keyboard and have been learning how to play music (something I loved as a kid but have lost over the years being ‘busy’)

2. Redesign your home feng shui

3. Pick up a paintbrush or order a block of clay for some pottery (I found this very therapeutic and make cute gifts for friends/family)

4. Get crafty in the kitchen. Head to our IG @ember.pilates or our recent blog post with @thegoodlifeco for some delicious healthy recipes ideas.

5. Finish that novel you never have time to get through.

My recommendations: The Alchemist, The five people you meet in heaven, I am pilgrim.

6. Movie & wine nights with a bit of spice. Call your family/friends and watch the same flick on your Saturday night so it feels a little like you’re watching it together.

My recommendations: Love Actually, The hateful eight, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Benjamin Button or just everything/anything with Brad Pitt (because, drool)

7. Move your body: Pilates, Stretching, Yoga, Barre, Walking, Running, Tennis, Surfing/Ocean Swimming (if you can brave the cold).  

If there is ever a day you are feeling lonely or lost, please send us a message

we are always available to chat and connect

we love you x

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