Ask a Naturopath: advice on women’s health, hormones, fertility, poo and nourishing your gut and skin health

We sat down with our friend and naturopath, @sophiethenaturopath, to learn and understand women’s health, hormones, fertility, poo and nourishing your gut and skin health. I learnt so much in an hour, Soph is such a wealth of knowledge (who knew you passed your gut microbiome onto your baby?!) 

Here are a few of the questions we asked Soph. Click here to watch the full chat.


What does a naturopath do and why would you go see a naturopath?

Naturopathy works on finding holistic health solutions for the total body, mind and wellbeing. Why would you see a naturopath? Most of the common reasons to see a naturopath include energy fluctuations, migraines, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep, mood swings, digestive issues, period irregularity, hormones, skin concerns, fertility challenges, pre/post-natal health, just to name a few!  Anything you would normally go see a doctor for, you can consult a naturopath for as an alternative medical professional.

Gut health Advice - What are the key signs of good and bad gut health?

Gut health has a flow on effect and can have an impact your mental health, energy levels, skin health, acne, immunity, pretty much everything in your general health and wellbeing.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of bloating, flatulence, pains, irregular or issues with bowel movements this could be a sign of poor gut health. If your digestion doesn’t feel right and you are experiencing these symptoms regularly, it’s probably an indicator your gut health isn’t 100%.

Foods that we can be eating to improve and promote gut health and your gut microbiome include vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. As a general rule, if it’s from the ground it's going to be good for your gut. To feed the good bacteria in your gut you can also introduce different types of fermented foods like sauerkraut, yoghurts and kombucha.

Foods that are going to be damaging to your gut health are mostly processed foods. When choosing foods for your diet to protect your gut health, focus on ‘real’ plant based foods and think to yourself; how is this food going to service my body?

What is healthy poo? What does poo mean for your gut health and general wellbeing?

Your poo is a very important factor to understand your gut health and general health and wellbeing. Learning and analysing the texture, colour, any blood or food in your stool can tell you a lot about your health.

“Bristol stool chart” – type 4 is optimal – your stool should look like a smooth sausage.

Bristol Stool Chart

Women’s health and menstrual cycle advice

During the chat we dive into the symptoms, causes and treatments for PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, heavy bleedings, spotting between periods, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (not getting a period for a while) and ovulation issues. Understanding your relationship with food, exercise, sleep and hormones is essential to diagnose and treat the challenges you are experiencing with your menstrual cycle.

Fertility Advice - What are the general lifestyle factors that impact fertility? What to do if you are experiencing issues with fertility? What is your advice on people trying for a baby to optimise your pre-conception health?

The most common factors affecting fertility include ovulation, female egg quality/count, male sperm quality/count, diet and nutrition, stress management and alcohol/drug consumption.

If you are wanting to conceive and are having issues falling pregnant, as a first step, Sophie recommends you track your cycle using an app like “flo” and identify If you are ovulating. Symptoms to look for to know if you are ovulating include vaginal discharge, sex drive, energy, motivation)during your ovulation period. Seek professional advice from a doctor or Naturopath if your symptoms seem irregular and/or unusual. She also recommends you introduce a quality pre-natal supplement such as a Folinic Acid or activated folate (recommended: practitioner only or for off the shelf option is Eagle Tresos Natal).

Skin health advice - why you are getting breakouts? What is causing your skin to breakout? How can you improve your skin health?

To diagnose your skin concerns we first need to understand and analyse lots of contributing factors to skin health such as your skincare routine, hygiene, diet, gut health, bowel function, stress, liver function and water intake.

Performing face mapping is a great way to understand where your breakouts are occurring and diagnosing the cause of your skin concerns.For example, chin area breakouts are mostly hormonal driven, forehead breakouts are generally driven from your gut, cheek breakouts are closely linked to hygiene and diet.

Acne Face Mapping Chart

Diet/eating for skin health and performing a good quality skincare routine are both equally necessary and important for skin health. Sophie recommends working with a professional and visiting a good quality skin clinic, like Solstice Skin (we recommend the beautiful Hayley if you're in Bondi, NSW!) 


We hope this helps answer some of your burning questions! Click here to watch the full chat.


For more information, to book a consult and to connect with the beautiful Sophie you can find her below;

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Thank you again for your time Soph! 

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