Community means everything to us at ember, so much so, that we consider our members family.

Our ember Member Spotlight this month truly is like family, as I (Ash) have known the beautiful Sarah since we were just months old - thanks to our mums finding each other at mothers group. Fast forward 29 years, and here is Sarah supporting me (us!) in our business venture.

We sat down with Sarah, our ember Member of the Month, to hear about her fitness journey and experience with ember so far.

Tell us a little bit about you Sare

I'm an Aussie (born in Sydney, bred in Brissy!) living in London and love cooking, reading, travelling and as well as Pilates I run and cycle!

Why did you join ember?

I joined ember because you offer a great variety of easily accessible classes and a supportive ember community

What is your favourite class style?

Align - great for strength & posture

How do you fit your ember workouts into your busy hospital work schedule? 

Morning workouts are a MUST - it means it’s done before setting off for my busy day!

What's your favourite Pilates move?

I love side planks, tough but satisfying

I might be biased Sare, but you're magic. Thank you for showing up for you daily and being our biggest support! 

If you'd like to experience the magic of ember, make sure you join for a free 7 day trial here

We can't wait to meet you on the mat x

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