As we head into our next challenge - BODY RESET - starting on the 7th of February, we wanted to sit down with our beautiful ember member (and winner of our December Challenge!) Katie Fraiser, to discuss all things ember, her experience with the platform and the December Challenge. Katie has supported us from the start, so we were keen to pick her brain and understand what motivates her to meet us on the mat daily (sometimes twice!) 

Why did you join ember?

ember for me has become like your first cup of tea or coffee to start the day - I honestly can’t go without it! It is therapeutic, I do it for my own wellbeing, to detox from the stresses of life and work. To start my day in a positive frame of mind doing, a good tough ember workout is so satisfying (HIIT is my favourite!) The 30 minute classes are also great, as it allows you to fit it in to your routine more readily.

"I'm so stressed at work, so my morning exercise is my only release. Routine keeps me sane. No matter how hard it is I get up, and get it done. I also love knowing that you both are there with me, and have to plan your workouts around your work days." 

Was it what you expected?

ember appeals to me over other online cardio pilates platforms as it delivers a whole body workout. I’ve become much more evenly toned and a lot stronger. I also LOVE the variety - Ash & Morgs find so many ways to spice things up using a ball, sliders, booty band, theraband, hand weights, bodyweight - or all in combination! Theres no hiding haha!

How do you feel after the challenge?

Over COVID Ash & Morgs have been my constant, my kick starter each day - my routine! And to mix it up they set Challenges which I love!

"Holy Moley, I just had to take my yoga mat out to dry! Day 8 was the hardest so far, but a fantastic intensity!"

What did you enjoy most about the challenge?

Ash and Morgs kick-started me into the first 12 days of the silly season with the December challenge. The challenge was fun, stimulating, helped you set achievable goals, made you accountable and motivated you along the way. Ash & Morgs loved receiving feedback on their classes, & importantly they gave their own experiences as they completed the challenge with you!  They continually motivated you especially on the weekend  when you were recovering from Christmas parties, when sweating out alcohol on your yoga mat was the last thing you wanted to do!!

"I loved your mantra today Ash. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable (I'm going to have to get comfortable with my very sore butt!)"

What did you find most difficult about the challenge and do you have any advice?

Look out for the unexpected! Throughout the challenge we had to complete 10,000 steps each day. At first I didn't think it was possible with my work commitments, but I did it (yay!) and it's now something I try and achieve daily. It was a great way to set maintainable daily habits. I also loved that throughout the challenge the girls set an extra surprise set of reps each day, working up to 120 reps on the last day - thank goodness it was NOT 120 burpees!!

Makes you wonder what’s in store for February’s challenge. I personally cannot wait!! GOOD LUCK & have fun!

"You have really kicked off a new habit for me - trying to reach 10,000 steps a day - I had no idea how I was going to fit it in with work, but I am loving it and will continue after the challenge. I think I am backing up the next day with less DOMs and my hamstrings feel a lot better. Not only that it's been so good for my mental clarity in the morning, but it's been amazing for my and overall wellbeing. Thank you!"

Thank you lovely Katie! 

If you'd like to experience the magic of ember and our challenges, we are launching our first challenge of 2022 on the 7th of February.

We can't wait to meet you on the mat x

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