How to eat healthy, in season, organic and on a budget

How to eat healthy, in season, organic and on a budget

Catch up on our recent IGVT chat with nutrition expert, Zoe Brain from the @imperfectnutritionist where we deep dive into a few key nutrition topics including;

- The benefits of eating seasonally

- What fruits and vegetables are in season right now

- What is ‘organic’ produce?

- Why / what fruits and vegetables should you buy organic

- How to eat healthy on a budget

- How to eat healthy when dining out

- The benefits of introducing juice cleanses and fasting techniques into your diet

You can watch the full conversation HERE


Zoe Brain, Imperfect Nutritionist


What are the key benefits of purchasing fruits and vegetables in season?

1. They have better nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables in season are picked at their prime ripeness, meaning they are at their peak nutritional value for us to consume.

2. It’s much more cost effective. As the fruits and vegetables are readily available locally, the costs of transportation or importation from overseas are removed.

3. It's better for the environment. When eating in season, there is less resources used to grow, harvest and transport fruit and vegetables.


What fruits and vegetables in season right now?

Add these items to your next shopping list and get crafty in the kitchen. We recommend whipping up a healthy fresh Mexican feast for your family - Yay for summer and picture perfect avocados and juicy limes.


Why should we eat organic? What are the benefits of eating organic fruit and vegetables?

Organic produce has not been sprayed with pesticides or chemical or toxic agents.

Whereas non-organic produce has been grown using a variety of different pesticides and chemical or toxic agents.

There have been many different studies that have shown pesticides can have a damaging effect on human health for example may have impacts our reproductive systems (fertility or sperm health), links to different illnesses like dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


What fruits and vegetables should we buy ‘organic’?

Zoe teaches us the importance of why we should eat organic produce. But, we all know that buying organic fruits and vegetables can add up quickly and be expensive. Zoe shares her cheat sheet on what organic produce we should eat organic vs what produce we can buy non-organic.


Catch up the full conversation HERE


For more information, to book a consult and to connect with the beautiful Zoe you can find her below;

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IG: @imperfectnutritionist


Thank you again for your time Zo! 

Ash & Morgs x

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