We sat down with our friend and clinical nutritionist Jacqueline Pypers, to discuss a bunch of common health and wellness misconceptions.

Jacqui is raw, real and says it how it is. She is a Sydney-based accredited clinical nutritionist (BHSc), author, gym junkie, beach lover and massive foodie.

Jacqui's mantra is that food really is medicine and can meaningfully impact our overall health and well-being. Optimum nutrition is not about restriction or deprivation, but about finding a balance with food.

Catch up on our recent IGTV chat with Jacqui here.

Ask yourself, what is “healthy” to you? 

- Whole foods

- Foods in their most natural state

- Unpackaged, unrefined, raw and real!

A lot of foods that are deemed ‘healthy’ are really high in calories and maybe causing you to exceed your daily calorie intake and make it difficult for you to lose weight. A few examples to be mindful of include raw ‘health’ treats that may be loaded with nuts, coconut oils & maple syrups and acai bowls. Both of these ‘healthy’ options can be very high in calories and sugar.

Another common mistake (we all make!) is we eat really healthy during the week, we make sure we have our meals prepared and portion controlled and we drink plenty of water and then… hello weekend, hello blow out. Be mindful of the ‘hidden calories’ when eating out, including additional sauces, dips and oils that you wouldn't put in your foods at home.  

Jacqui recommends you start by tracking your calories to understand how much you are actually consuming in a week (including the weekend!). This can be easily done by using a calorie tracking app like “My Fitness Pal”. Then you can better understand and make educated decisions on how to eat healthy. 

Other factors besides your calories intake that could also be impacting your weight loss journey that you haven’t considered include your hormones, cortisol levels, insulin levels, sleep, stress etc.

Foods to avoid if you are striving for optimal health?

- Processed foods

- All vegetables oils (canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil etc)

- Refined sugars (replace with natural sugars like maple syrup, honey, stevia and coconut sugar)

- Most packaged foods

Tips for breaking bad eating habits?

Firstly, determine if you are eating because you’re hungry or because it’s an emotional trigger.

- Be mindful. Be present when you are eating and avoid distractions like phones, the tv, being on the run. Be conscious of how you are feeling and stop when you are full.

- Be educated on the foods you are consuming – you are what you eat. 

- Take the bad food out of the house. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it! 

- Do your shopping at farmers markets and whole foods stores to encourage you to purchase fresh produce over packaged foods. 

What daily supplements do you recommend? Should we take supplements? What supplements should we avoid?

Everyone is different and therefore supplement intake is different for everyone. 

One supplement that majority of people could benefit from taking is Magnesium. Taking a magnesium supplement will aid in improved sleep, muscle recovery and stress management. There are endless options on the market for Magnesium supplements, Jacqui recommends looking for reputable brands such as Herbs of Gold, Thompsons or Ethical Nutrients. 

Protein – We LOVE protein. You should be able to achieve all your daily protein needs from food whole foods such as eggs, chicken, steak etc and where needed, use a protein supplement, including a protein powder or protein bar (maximum 1-2 serves per day). Jacqui recommends using Whey Protein Isolate such as Pro Matrix, White Wolf Nutrition and True Protein. 

Supplements recommendations to promote sexual libido and improved hormonal health are Tribulus (for females!) and Zinc (for men). 

We recommend supplements are taken in conjunction with a healthy whole food diet and regular exercise. 

Thanks again Jacqui, you're a wealth of knowledge! 

Make sure you catch up on our recent IGTV chat with Jacqui here.

Ash & Morgs x

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