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We have been fortunate to try and test a number of activewear brands and LNDR is a standout for us. Super comfortable, supportive, fit for all body types and perfect to wear anywhere (a must for us when we quite literally live in activewear!) Founded by three powerhouse businesswomen and with the tagline WORK HARD, WORKOUT, WINE & MARGARITAS… partnering with LNDR was quite literally a no brainer.

We sat down with the beautiful founders Jo, Sarah and Donna (Donz) to talk all things business, personal passions, and starting a business from the ground up.

Given you are originally from all over the globe, how did you three meet and when?

We met through different mutual (Aussie) friends in London in 2013/2014.

The idea for LNDR started in 2014 and we were selling our first collection by June 2015.

The brains behind LNDR: Donna, Sarah & Jo

LNDR… what does it stand for (if anything?)

We took the words “launder” (referencing quality and longevity of the products) and “Londoner” (where we’re based and the people and lifestyle that inspired the concept) and took the vowels out to create LNDR (pronounced el-en-dee-ahr)


How do you differ from other activewear brands on the market? What makes LNDR unique (and loved!) by so many women and men around the world? 

Our brand values influence what products we create (and what products we don’t) and how we market and sell them.

1. No B*llsh*t:brutal honesty: We talk to our customers as they’re smart and can handle the trust.

2. Understated Style:“Activewear for grown-ups.” Nothing for fashions sake.

3. Quality: Less, but better. Less waste, less clutter, less crap. Just really great product that lasts – in style and in quality.


Founded in 2015, you have done an incredible job at establishing brand equity, love and awareness - fast (congratulations!) You are stocked in a number of high-end stores as well as in niche fitness studios all around the world. Was that apart of your initial brand marketing strategy?

Yes, selling to premium gyms, boutiques and department stores around the world was a strategic sales and marketing strategy when we first launched. Fundamentally, the clothing industry is engineered around the need for newness and seasonal items, with heavy discounting to sell these trend-led pieces so that they can bring in more newness. It’s a vicious cycle and one that didn’t align with our philosophy to create less but better product. LNDR product is not trend-led, we create really great product that lasts both in style and in quality.

We shifted our sales strategy in March 2020 when the stores that we were selling to closed and warehouses we no longer accepting deliveries. It forced us to make a decision to move toD2C/online only which has been our model ever since.

We now have 3sites; which ships to AU/NZ, which ships to the US and which ships everywhere else.


Let’s talk about that Nike campaign. Why was it important to you to put everything on the line and standup to arguably, the world’s biggest sportswear firm?

We work very hard to create the best premium, high-quality products in the market, and confusion of our products or brand with Nike would be extremely damaging.
Nike’s campaign gained a huge amount of exposure very quickly. From our point of view, it was educating the public that ‘LDNR’ was either a Nike trademark, or that there was a collaboration between our two brands. We felt that we had no choice but to protect our brand and identity, and the trademarks that support them, which are critical to our continued growth.

We were pleased when we won so that we could continue to build our brand and grow our business, in the UK as well as around the world.


You ladies have achieved so much already it such a short amount of time, what’s next for LNDR and what are your goals for 2021?

We want to continue making product that people feel better wearing and feel better about buying. We’re full steam ahead with our D2C strategy, making our three websites (, and our digital flagship stores.  

We have lofty sustainability goals this year, so we are working hard to source and test new sustainable fabrics and yarns. We’re looking at our entire product cycle end-to-end to understand our current impact to ensure that we direct our resources to the most effective way and make the most impact.


What is your favourite way to sweat? 

Jo: Strength training

Donz: Spin

Sarah: Running


Is there a person or female led business that you’re impressed with or is inspiring you at the moment that our community should know about? 

Emme Grede (SKIMS, Good American)



The Nue Co

Finally, why did you think a partnership with ember would be valuable to your community and brand?

We love the variety of classes that ember offers and the fact you get new classes weekly.
The online membership is something that our global audience can access –wherever they are and whatever time zone they are on.

Thank you, Jo, Sarah and Donz!  

Ash & Morgs x

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