Our favourite activewear brands to burn, sweat and sculpt


With so many activewear brands on the market it can get overwhelming trying to choose the perfect fitting tights. Plus, there is nothing more annoying than having to hitch them up every 2 minutes whilst on a run (we know you know) or worry about them cutting into you whilst flowing through your Pilates practice (need we say more?)

So, given we spend 99.99% of our time in activewear, we have pulled together our list of favourite activewear brands and why we are obsessed.

Muscle Republic

The local love of our life

Born and bred in the sunny northern beaches of Sydney, we could not recommend our friends at Muscle Republic more. If you love seamless, soft, stretchy, “fits like a glove” activewear then look no further! Their ‘luxe’ collection is the most frequent addition to our shopping cart. We adore their feminine neutral colour palate, flirty cuts and affordable pricing. They also have everything you need for your other half, offering a stylish yet simple, men’s activewear collection.

Muscle Republic have recently released a new ‘comfort’ range of trackies, hoodies and oversized tees. Perfect for those cozy days lounging around the house (and needing to ‘stylishly’ duck out to the shops to top up on healthy snacks (**chocolate) for your Netflix marathon!).

Muscle republic is our one stop shop for all activewear and accessories!

Shop Now: www.musclerepublic.com


Tights that fit each and every time!

LNDR offers 4 fabrics and 4 lengths that all feel completely different on the body to make sure you get exactly what YOU want. Not sure what is right for you? Don’t worry, they also offer a complimentary online consultation with their experts to help you pick the perfect fitting tights – now that’s customer service that goes the extra mile! Their mission is to create better quality products and less of them. Say no to fast fashion and invest in quality over quantity.  

Oh, and who could forget their mission statement -


Pilates and margies? Need we say more.

Shop Now: www.lndr-au.com


We are a brand empowering woman to fade the weight of other people's judgement & expectations.

Neutral tones and flattering necklines, FADE makes you feel beautiful, confident, and feminine with every wear! Their brand mission is to be a sustainably considered lifestyle brand of the future. They have recently introduced a new stylcise™ fabrication – a recycled and sustainable nylon blend to ensure minimal impact on our mother nature and comes to your door in 100% combustible packaging!

Guilt free, stylish activewear to sweat, sculpt and shape during every Pilates class.

Shop Now: www.fadewomen.com


“Aim high & dream big!" could we love this anymore? 

Their collection is a little spicy and not like any others we have seen - ribbed fabrics, snake prints and asymmetrical unique cuts (our favourite being the one shoulder top!). We have found their fabric to be much thicker than most other brands on the market, perfect for that extra winter warmth and that sculpted feeling.

We recommend you join the #aimntribetoday

Shop Now: www.aimn.com.au

Love always,

Ash & Morgs x

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