Key principals and benefits of Pilates

Pilates was developed in the 20th century but a German man, Joseph Pilates. His father a gymnast and his mother a naturopath, he developed the practice from experience across a range of activities including yoga, body building and martial arts. Pilates was developed to acknowledge the connection between mind, body & spirit.

Your body is only as strong as its weakest link.


Breathing – Steady, focused breathing aids in several ways. The breath can help us centre our mind, facilitate postural alignment, and engage muscles of the core to support your functional movement. Typically, in Pilates you focus on breathing out with effort and in on the return. 

Concentration – This highlights that during Pilates you should focus on your entire body to ensure smooth and controlled movement. It encourages focus & mindfulness of each movement to get the most out of each exercise. The Pilates techniques and how exercises are performed is often considered more important than the exercises themselves. Bringing awareness to your movements in the present moment.

Control – Every exercise in Pilates must be done with complete mind & body control. This principle extends beyond the control of your movement but also the control of your mind.

Centre – Pilates movement is established around the connection with one’s core, referred to as the ‘powerhouse’ of your body. Your Pilates powerhouse includes your abs, upper and lower back, hips, glutes and inner thighs. All movements in Pilates should begin from your centre, your powerhouse and flow out to the limbs.

Flow – Pilates aims to move the body in all planes of motion through layering exercises in a smooth, flowing sequence. Each exercise should effortlessly transition into the next to consciously connect the body with the mind.

Precision – Pilates commands total body awareness & mindfulness to perfect your technique in every movement.  


Why should you practice Pilates? Well, how long is a piece of string?

Pilates is a low-impact workout that focuses on total body toning, improved posture and increased mobility and flexibility.

The key benefits of Pilates we focus on at ember include:

- Pilates is for everyBODY (not just the elderly, injured, pre/post-natal)

- Strength and length - increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and booty (the 'core’ muscles of your body)

- Balance and alignment - muscular strength on both sides of your body

- Flexibility and mobility

- Injury prevention

- Improved posture

- Energy and mood increase – enhanced blood circulation and simulation

- Mindfulness and stress release – focus on breath and controlled movement

Overall, Pilates will leave you feeling strong, long & lean with a deeper connection between your mind & body.

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