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We caught up with our beautiful friends Zoe and Ana, founders of The Good Life Co. to talk all things business, personal passions, hot nutritional tips, along with lots of other very exciting projects in the making.

How did you meet and when? How long have you been friends for?

Zoe: We actually met at uni last year( 2020) in an online physiology class. We found each other on Facebook after being in the same zoom class - and only realised weeks later we lived 5minute drive from each other in Manly! Incredibly, we’ve been friends for less than a year, and business partners for most of that time!!

How did you come up with The Good Life Co? Has it always been a dream of yours? What are your respective backgrounds & what are your favourite aspects of health/science?

Ana: I’ve always loved to read and write. I toyed between studying literature and biology. I wasn’t a sporty kid (a real book worm) but became really interested in nutrition & exercise around the age of 16. Over time, I naturally fell into science communication. I’m passionate about health &sustainability, and new I wanted a career in that. I just wasn’t too sure what exactly (hence the multiple degrees in biology, pharmacology, nutrition, physiology & dietetics).

Zoe: As an 8-year-old, I used to spend hours looking up health facts on google. Over time I became increasingly interested about the role of diet in disease. The masters of Dietetics & Nutrition at USYD was always my dream course. When I met Ana, we realised we had the same vision of a clinic which regrouped various health practitioners working together as a collective. We wanted to offer a holistic take on health, one which bypassed serial referrals between specialists.  We imagined a welcoming place, regrouping everything from GPs, psychologists, gynaecologists, osteopaths, women’s health advocates to meditation, Pilates, pottery classes to cooking workshops, and a comfy corner to read a good book.

How do you differ from other nutritionists? What sets The good Life co apart?

I think what sets us apart is how different we are from each other: we grew up in different countries, with different cultures& education systems… and that means that together, we offer a unique service. Between my degree in bio & pharmaco, and our current studies innutrition & dietetics, we have a lot of accumulated knowledge in health science. The good life co. doesn’t just follow textbook nutrition guidelines, we look at the big picture, considering hormones, fertility, epigenetics but also environmental pollutants & sustainability - always, of course, using an evidence-based approach.

Who would benefit from a consultation? Are you patients all female or would males also gain from this?

Anyone could benefit from a consultation - we have specific requirements depending on our age, gender, lifestyle etc. Whether you’re suffering from a metabolic condition, a hormonal imbalance, digestion issues, fogginess, fatigue, low mood, or you are looking to conceive; nutrition has an important role to play.


The Good Life Co. hot tips and insights:

1. What’s your most used ingredient in the kitchen? 

I have a few staples, including chia seeds, peanut butter, eggs and spinach, but if I am what I eat, then I’m a roast pumpkin!

2. What is your advice to our community with skin issues, can this be managed through nutrition? And if so, what are your top tips? 

Our diet impacts our skin. Everyone is unique, and most skin issues are multifactorial so there is no universal tip - expect perhaps eating enough healthy fats (avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nut, seeds, oily fish…), green veg and drinking lots of water! 

We also strongly recommend using a natural mineral spf 50 daily!


3. What does a "day on the plate'' for a nutritionist look like? 

This is of course not a universal guide because everyone has different needs, but Ana's day most often looks like this:

6am: Warm water & home-made double soy cap (and 1h dog walk)

730am: Muesli, soy milk, peanut butter, maca powder, chia seeds & fruit 

12pm: A big salad bowl with roast pumpkin, feta, mixed leaves, eggs, avocado, hummus, and a lemon-mustard dressing 

3pm: Fruit, rice cakes and a couple squares of dark chocolate 

630pm: Dinner! some of my go-to-s are:

Mixed salad, roasted sweet potato and kangaroo or zoodles with a lentil Bolognese or Chili con Carne 


4. What's your guilty pleasure? 

Zoe: We both have a big sweet tooth and probably consume a bit too much chocolate! 

Ana: I must say, a glass of red wine paired with a bit of cheese after dinner… It must be the French in me :)  

Ana from The Good Life Co. making their famous Banoffee Date Bites

5. What is your advice for eating healthy, nutritious food on a budget? 

Avoid the trendy superfoods and raw/df/gf/nf/rsf treats.

Focus on the essentials: quality carbs (rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes…), proteins (legumes, tofu, eggs) and vegetables. Buy your vegetables in season or frozen -it’s cheaper, and more nutrient dense.

Have a rough meal plan to avoid waste and prioritise what you buy organic or not.

As for meat, fish, and dairy, think quality over quantity - it’ll be better for you, the planet, and your wallet. 

6. What is your favourite way to sweat?

Ana: I like to keep it varied with runs, surfs, pilates & barre classes, dog walks, home workouts… I can’t really go a day without at least a good stretch!

Zoe: I love to start the day with a sunrise coastal walk, and I dance a few times a week. I’m also very keen to learn how to surf!

7. Coffee Order?

Ana: Strong soy cap! I’m the worst chocoholic there is (unfortunately)

Zoe: Large latte (dabbling with almond milk)

8. Finally, why did you think a partnership with Ember Pilates would be valuable (from a health/holistic perspective)?

We really love the concept of affordable Pilates, accessible to all. While Pilates is usually aimed at women, we believe so many guys could also benefit immensely from it (we’re signing our partners up!!). We also love working with local businesswomen following their hearts (just like us!)

For more information and to connect with the beautiful Good Life Collective girls you can find them below:

Ana Ravier and Zoe Brain

Ana Ravier| Human Biologist with a special interest in epigenetics and pregnancy nutrition

Zoe Brain| Nutritionist and chef with a focus on nutritional biochemistry and glycemic index research.


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IG: @thegoodlifeco  

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