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Enjoying movement right up to your due date and slowly easing back into it after your baby comes is important for your physical and mental health. Inclusivity and access for all is important to us, so we’ve created a library of safe pre and postnatal sequences to help you feel strong and confident. At 10 - 30 minutes long, our classes are designed for your schedule, mood, energy level and motivation. 

We also have a range of sequences you can sub into other ember workouts when mat work is unsuitable for you, your baby or recovery. For more information on what pre/postnatal sequences are safe for you at each point in your journey, read our FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Pre/Post Natal Pilates and Regular Pilates?
Regular Pilates is generally focused on core movements that can be unsafe for recovering mummas and mummas to be. Pilates aims to raise your heart rate, build lean body mass and lengthen, strengthen and sculpt your muscles and core, whereas pre and postnatal Pilates aims to gently target specific areas of your body to prevent injury, support your back, promote comfortable movement, and aid birth and recovery. Let’s take a closer look at pre and postnatal Pilates. 

Prenatal Pilates 
Adopting or maintaining a Pilates routine during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. We encourage prenatal Pilates throughout your entire pregnancy, unless your health professional suggests otherwise, as it strengthens your back, pelvic floor and core in the lead up to birth (yes, you can still safely work your core and obliques!). Movements can easily be adapted to suit you at whatever stage you’re at, as it’s normal for your ligaments and joints to be more sensitive than normal. 
Prenatal Pilates is all about building your strength, stability and mind-body connection through gentle, deliberate movements that don’t spike your heart rate. This form of exercise promotes symmetry and balance, which helps prevent injuries, stress, aches and pains and support your body before, during and after birth. It has also been proven to calm your nervous system, lower your blood pressure, and mentally and physically prepare you for birth. 

Postnatal Pilates 
The postnatal time is one of the most significant in your life - your mind is trying to comprehend your new, tiny human and your body and lifestyle has undergone a big change. In this time, it’s more important than ever to incorporate gentle exercise that strengthens and realigns muscles and gives you a second to focus on yourself. To learn when it’s safe to return to exercise, please consult your medical professional. 

Most health professionals recommend Pilates during this time because it’s gentle, safe and can be done from home to fit into your schedule. It’s all about recovery. It’s been proven to help draw separated ab muscles back together with the support of a women’s health physio, restore control of weakened muscles, strengthen your pelvic floor and improve body-confidence. At ember, we help you connect with your body again

Benefits of Pilates Before & After Pregnancy

The benefits are endless. Consistent Pilates during your pregnancy and after birth helps:

- Build leg, core, back and pelvic floor strength 
- Promote symmetry and balance
- Prevent injury, aches and pains 
- Promote great breathing habits 
- Calm your nervous system 
- Lower your blood pressure 
- Connect with your baby and changing body 
- De-stress your mind and body
- Reduce pain in your pelvis and back during birth 
- Increase your chances of a shorter and less complicated birth  
- Manage Diastasis recti (separation of the abs after pregnancy)
- Maintain a healthy weight, or lose unwanted weight gained during pregnancy 
- Promote body confidence

Some Movements We Love

Child's Pose

Give your back and legs a rest with Child’s pose. Stretch your arms forward to settle your belly between your legs and gently relax your lower back, thighs, shoulders and ankles. If it’s in your practice, deepen the stretch with a yoga ball or block. 

Heart Opening Fish Pose

Surrender to the mat and focus on your breathing with full body, heart opening poses. Place a yoga ball or pillow beneath your upper back to release tension in your chest and  take the pressure off your back and lower body. 

Lower Body Strength & Balance

Improve your lower body strength, flexibility and balance. Guaranteed to release tension in your hips, support your pelvic floor and prevent aches and pains.

Side-Lying Clams

Exercise your glute muscles comfortably with side-lying clam movements that strengthen your pelvic floor and balance your inner-thigh muscle use. 

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is recommended for our Pre and Post Natal classes to help you feel the ultimate burn. Our ember FirePack  has everything you need: 

- 1x Pair of sliders
- 1x Pilates ball
- 1x Theraband (1.5m)
- 1x Booty band
- 1x Bag

Of course, ember classes can always be adapted! If you’re beginning your pregnancy journey or getting back into exercise after birth, be gentle with yourself and use your body weight. Our classes are inclusive and we will always provide equipment-free alternatives where possible.

Invest In Yourself, You Deserve It.

Experience the benefits of pilates both on and off the mat. Not only do our Align classes leave you feeling physically strong and lean, they help you feel mentally strong! They’re the perfect addition to our library of Condition, Stretch, Burn, Form and Pre & Post Natal classes. Workout on your own time, for you, with our beautiful ember community. 
So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you on the mat. Begin your free trial today!

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