Stretch Classes

Stretch it out with us!

Our Stretch classes are the perfect addition to your weekly fitness routine. At ember, we believe physical and mental wellbeing benefits from slowing down occasionally, which is exactly what our stretch classes are designed to do. 

Whether you’re an avid runner, working long hours at a desk job or on the tools, navigating your pre or postpartum journey or simply wanting to improve your mobility and flexibility, your mind and body will feel the benefits of stretching properly. Our classes range from 5-20 minutes, because we know it’s hard to find time to fit a good stretch and release into your schedule. We encourage everyone to take at least 10 minutes every week to release built-up tension and focus on yourself. We like to mix it up to ensure every part of your body feels the release before or after an ember class - our library includes full-body, yoga inspired flow, dynamic and static stretch classes. 

What is Dynamic Stretching?
Dynamic stretching is active, functional movements that lengthen and stretch your muscles. To prepare your muscles for physical activity, they aim to take your joints through a full range of motion with functional movements or actions that mimic the ones you’ll perform at a higher intensity. We recommend performing dynamic stretches before your ember class to warm up and enhance your physical performance. 

What is Static Stretching?
Static stretching is long holds in motionless positions that lengthen and stretch your muscles. Holding stretches for longer periods of time (30 seconds to two minutes) helps increase blood flow to the area, which boosts oxygen and helps the muscle mend. We incorporate static stretches in our classes to lower your heart rate, calm your central nervous system and aid recovery. We recommend adding a stretch class to the end of your HIIT or LIIT condition classes. 

Benefits of Stretching

The act of stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, which boosts oxygen and nutrient levels to help them recover. It also prevents them from becoming short and tight, which restricts mobility, by gently lengthening them to improve range of motion in your joints. This is key for great posture, correct form and muscle activation during ember classes and daily activity. Physical and emotional stress directly impact how tight your muscles are, so stretching them out regularly will release tension, reduce stress-induced headaches and calm your mind.
Regular stretching is proven to increase your mobility and flexibility, which ultimately enhances physical performance and reduces risk of injury. Doing a stretch class before ember will help prepare your muscles for the movements, and doing one afterwards will help them recover. For us, stretching is non-negotiable. Let’s sum the benefits up:

- Lowers your heart rate
- Calms your nervous system 
- Increases blood flow and oxygen to your muscles 
- Helps your joints achieve a full range of motion 
- Improves flexibility and mobility 
- Prepares muscles for physical activity 
- Improves physical performance 
- Decreases risk of injury 
- Relieves and prevents back pain 
- Improves posture
- Helps reduce and manage stress

Some Stretches We Love

Side Bend

The side bend works your intercostal muscles. These are the muscles between the ribs. This can help release any tension in the upper back and spine.

Heart Opening Fish Pose

Surrender to the matt with full body, heart opening poses. Place a yoga ball or pillow beneath your upper back to release tension in your chest and lower body.

Hamstring Variations

Improve your lower body flexibility with deep hamstring stretches. Guaranteed to release tension in your hips. 

Do I Need Equipment?

Equipment is recommended to help deep stretching. Our ember FirePack has everything you need: 

- 1x Pair of sliders
- 1x Pilates ball
- 1x Theraband (1.5m)
- 1x Booty band
- 1x Bag

Of course, Pilates can always be adapted! If you’re getting back into exercise after pregnancy or are beginning your fitness journey, be gentle with yourself and use your body weight. Our classes are inclusive and we will always provide equipment-free alternatives to exercises where possible.

Invest In Yourself, You Deserve It.

Experience the benefits of pilates both on and off the mat. Not only do our stretch classes leave you feeling loose and relaxed, they help you feel mentally calm! They’re the perfect addition to our library of Condition, Align, Burn, Form and Pre & Post Natal classes. Move on your own time, for you, with our beautiful ember community.
So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you on the mat.
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